5.1 The credit assigned to the Ph.D course work shall be of 16 credits. These courses must be successfully completed within TWO years of enrollment. Grades in the course work, including research methodology courses, shall be finalized after a combined assessment by the Research Advisory Committee to the University, with a copy to the research scholar. Examination on the course work shall be conducted by the office of the Controller of Examinations of this University.

5.2 The course work shall be treated as prerequisite for the Ph.D program. A minimum of 4 credits shall be assigned to one or more courses on Research Methodology which could cover areas such as quantitative methods, computer applications, research ethics and review of published research work in the relevant field, training, field work etc.

5.3 A Ph.D scholar has to obtain a minimum of CGPA= 6.25 in the course work in order to be eligible to continue in the program and submit the thesis.However, he/she should obtain minimum of C grade in each course.

5.4 A fee determined by the University shall be paid by a enrolled candidate for appearing at the examination for the course(s) mentioned above, and an Application form submitted.

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