ENVS classes will start from next week as per the schedule in the routine.
Classes will be held in two groups.
Group A (Physis Lecture Theater-1)
Physics, Life-Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Geography, English, History and Philosophy
Group B (Chemistry Lecture Theater-1)
Chemistry, Geology, Economics, Political Science, Hindi, Bangla and Sociology

What is GenEd?

Replacing the earlier system of taking ‘pass course’ subjects, the new programme of General Education or ‘GenEd’ at Presidency University introduces students to a broad range of topics from across the university. This programme is designed to teach them to transcend disciplinary boundaries and to ensure a more holistic liberal development that is in keeping with the academic traditions of the university and current international standards of research. The GenEd programme requires all undergraduate students to take 10 courses over four semesters where students of the Sciences need to take two compulsory Liberal Arts courses and vice versa.

General Instructions for Students

Gened Classes will start from 9th January 2017. The Gened Portal will close at 5 P.M. , 20th January 2016.
No changes will be allowed after that.


A Course with an enrolment of less than four will be discontinued.

  • First and second semester students have to choose 3 options per semester and third and fourth semester students have to choose 2 options per semester for GenEd programme.
  • Students cannot choose two options from the same departments in the same semester
  • Students cannot choose English and English Language together

Semester-wise Available Papers and Seat Status and Constrain Rule

Second Semester

Enviornmental Science ( ENVS0231 ) is compulsory to Second Semester Students

Students cannot choose more than one course from the following combinations in the same semester:-

a.English,Geography,Bengali,English Language
b.Mathematics, Bios,Sociology,French
c.Political Science,Stat, ComputerScience,German,Performing Arts
e.Physics,Philosophy,Geology, Hindi
DepartmentPaperPaper CodeTo offer to students ofSeatOccupiedStatus
BENGALIকবিতা পড়া , কবিতা বোঝা ( kobita pora, kobita bojha)BENG0231Both12077Open
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESWildlife in India  (Humanities only)BIOS0231Humanities200107Open
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESGenetic Engineering – applications and prospects (Science only)BIOS0232Science10012Open
CHEMISTRYInorganic     Chemistry-1    CHEM0231Science12038Open
CHEMISTRYPhysical     Chemistry-1    CHEM0232Science12023Open
ECONOMICSThe    Indian     Economy    ECON0231Both7015Open
ENGLISHDigital     HumanitiesENGL0231Both100100Closed
GEOGRAPHYThe Maps GEOG0231Both1002Open
GEOLOGYEarth: The Living PlanetGEOL0231Both12041Open
HISTORYThe Twentieth Century World: Themes and IssuesHIST0231Both15024Open
Language StudiesEnglish Writing and Communication ILANG0231Both3030Closed
Language StudiesGerman: Language and Culture ILANG0232Both3027Open
MATHEMATICSIntegral     Calculus    MATH0231Science200100Open
PERFORMING ARTSWhat is Performance?PFAR0231Both5012Open
PHILOSOPHYEthics and Our EnvironmentPHIL0231Both10010Open
PHYSICSPhysics    of     everyday    life    PHYS0231Both10038Open
PHYSICSWaves and OscillationsPHYS0232Science6015Open
POLITICAL SCIENCEPolitical Thinkers: Indian and WesternPOLS0231Both12027Open
SOCIOLOGYLove     SOCL0231Both12069Open
STATISTICSProbability TheorySTAT0232Science9061Open

Fourth Semester

Students cannot choose more than one course from the following combinations in the same semester:-

a.English,Economics, Stat,Sociology,
c.Political Science,Geology, Bios,Geography,Performing Arts
d.Chemistry, Hindi,Computer Science
e.Physics, Bengali,History
DepartmentPaperPaper CodeTo offer to students ofSeatOccupiedStatus
BENGALIপ্রবন্ধ (Prabandho)BENG0431Both9074Open
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESSociety and Behavior (Humanities only)BIOS0431Humanities140137Open
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESIntroduction to Plant tissue culture and Genetically Modified Plants (Science only)BIOS0432Science10024Open
CHEMISTRYInorganic     Chemistry-2CHEM0431Science604Open
CHEMISTRYPhysical     Chemistry-2CHEM0432Science110107Open
ECONOMICS Elements    of     Financial    Economics    ECON0431Both7032Open
ENGLISHIndian     Literature    in    English    ENGL0431Both100100Closed
GEOGRAPHYBasic    GeoinformaticsGEOG0431Both701Open
GEOLOGYMan and EnvironmentGEOL0431Both120101Open
HINDIHindi Tribal Literature : The Ethnic Context HIND0431Both507Open
HISTORYSouth Asian Cultures in the age of Nationalism: Themes and Issues HIST0431Both8045Open
MATHEMATICSMathematical AnalysisMATH0432Science20085Open
PERFORMING ARTSHow does Performance work?PFAR0431Both5024Open
PHILOSOPHYIndian Epistemology and MetaphysicsPHIL0432Both5016Open
PHYSICSPhysics    of materialsPHYS0431Science9033Open
POLITICAL SCIENCEPolitical SociologyPOLS0431Both7060Open
SOCIOLOGYLaboratory         life    SOCL0431Both8063Open
STATISTICSStatistical     InferenceSTAT0431Science7051Open

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