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Sumit Chakrabarti


I view myself primarily as a student of postcolonial and postmodern theory. My doctoral thesis, which is now a book, was on the representational dynamics of three Third-World intellectuals (Edward Said, Gayatri Spivak and Homi Bhabha) in the First-World academy. My research has led me to an analysis/problematization of the discipline of history and historiographical constructions, from a postmodern perspective, and how they may be viewed through the lenses of contingency and agency. My more current engagements have been to look into literatures of the holocaust and other forced migrations (histories, memoirs, films) and locate them within/without the framework of cosmopolitanism by using postmodern analytical tools (contingency, irony, arbitrariness, strategic essentialism). It is perhaps due to my engagement with postcolonialism and postmodernism that I have developed a keen interest in culture studies. In the near future I plan to develop a major research project on the cultural history of colonial clerks in 19th century Bengal.


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