Pralay Majumder

Assistant Professor

My strategy is to understand the complex mechanism of collective cell migration through studying a small group of invasive epithelial cells – Border cell migration during Drosophila ovary development. The Drosophila ovary is made of strings of subunits called; egg chambers, each of which will develop into a mature egg. Border cells are a group of 6-10 epithelial/follicular cells that develop from a layer of about 900 cells that surround 16 germline cells in Drosophila egg chambers. They form a cluster, detach form the epithelial layer and then travel between the germline cells from anterior to the posterior part of the egg chamber, a total distance of about 150 μm. Border cell migration provides us with a model system that is genetically tractable, easy to manipulate and most importantly, can be studied in vivo.


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