Avishek Adhikari

Professor and Head of the Department

Professor Dr. AVISHEK ADHIKARI, M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), a recipient of the President of India Medal, ISCA Young Scientist Award, and NANUM fund by International Mathematical Union (IMU), received his Ph.D. Degree from Indian Statistical Institute under the supervision of the former Director of Indian Statistical Institute and Padma Shree Awardee Professor Bimal Roy. Professor Adhikari was a faculty member at the Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta (July 7, 2006, to January 16, 2019). He is the founder secretary of IMBIC, India (having Branches in Sweden and Japan), Treasurer of Cryptology Research Society of India, and was the Former Eastern Zonal Coordinator for NBHM MSc and Ph.D. Scholarship Examination. He was a Post-Doctoral fellow at INRIA-Rocquencourt, France, a visiting scientist at Linkoping University, Sweden, and a visiting scientist at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He visited Japan (7 times, funded by JSPS, Japan and JST, Japan), Sweden (3 times), France (2 times), England (3 times), Switzerland (2 times), South Korea, Russia, Malaysia (2 times), Thailand, Denmark, Norway, Netherland, Belgium, Italy, Bangladesh, Singapore. He has published six basic textbooks on mathematics including Basic Modern Algebra with Applications (Springer, 2014), Basic Topology, Volume 1 (Springer, 2022), Basic Topology, Volume 2 (Springer, 2022),  and edited two research monographs including Springer Monograph (2017) on Mathematical and Statistical Applications in Life Sciences and Engineering. He was one of the Program Co-Chairs of Indocrypt 2021. He has published more than 60 research articles in reputed international journals, conference proceedings and contributed volumes. He is on the editorial board of several journals. He is/was one of the investigators of Twelve Sponsored Research Projects funded by the agencies like DRDO, WESEE (Ministry of Defense), DST, DST-SERB (MATRICS), DST-FIST, DIT, NBHM including two International Collaborative Projects supported by DST-JSPS (Indo-Japan Project) and DST-JST (Indo-Japan) in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute. Eight of his Ph.D. students have already obtained Ph.D. Degree. Currently, three of the Ph.D. scholars are doing their research works under his supervision. His research interest includes  Algebra, Graph Theory, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis of Stream and Block Ciphers, Secret Sharing, DNA Cryptography, Visual Cryptography, Image Encryption, Wireless Sensor Networks.

His Published Text Books: 

  1. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Basic Topology 1: Metric Spaces and General Topology, published by Springer in 2022. For more details, please visit the website https://www.springerprofessional.de/en/basic-topology-1/23234990.
  2. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Basic Topology 2: Topological Groups, Topology of Manifolds and Lie Groups, published by Springer in 2022. For more details, please visit the website https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-16-6577-6.
  3. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Basic Modern Algebra with Applications, published by Springer. For more details, please visit the website http://www.springer.com/mathematics/algebra/book/978-81-322-1598-1.
  4. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Introduction to Linear Algebra with Application to Basic Cryptography, Asian Books Private Limited, 2007.
  5. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Text Book of Linear Algebra : An Introduction to Modern Algebra, Allied Publishers, 2004.
  6. (jointly with M R Adhikari), Groups, Rings and Modules with Applications, Universities Press, 2003.

Edited Books 

  1. (jointly with Ralf Küsters and Bart Preneel), Progress in Cryptology – INDOCRYPT 2021, Published by Springer, 2021. For more details, please visit the website: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-92518-5 
  2. (jointly with M R Adhikari and Y. P. Chaubey), Mathematical and Statistical Applications in Life Sciences and Engineering, published by Springer in 2017, For more details, please visit the website: http://www.springer.com/in/book/9789811053696.
  3. (jointly with M R Adhikari and Y P Chaubey), Contemporary Topics in Mathematics and Statistics with Applications, Asian Books Private Limited, 2012.

The online classes offered by him during the LockDown period are uploaded systematically to the YouTube Channel. To view the classes, please click here. 



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