Nazmiara Sabnam

Assistant Professor

I am a dynamic Plant Biotechnologist with broad expertise from routine and specialist analytical testing to mentoring postgraduate students and supporting trainees. The knowledge I gathered all through my career has made me multidimensional like a combo of multidisciplinary areas, especially Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

I have worked on the cereal killer of rice, Magnaporthe oryzae which causes rice blast disease. My contribution to research during my Ph.D. throws a lot of new insights in regard to the functioning of G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) in this plant pathogenic fungus. 

I have a research interest in plant-pathogen interactions especially the Magnaporthe-rice pathosystem. Presently, I am interested in identifying and characterizing the set of genes affecting pathogenicity along with deciphering the novel effectors playing role in the rice-blast fungus interaction. I am more interested in unraveling the complex signaling networks involved in the blast pathogenesis as well as finding an eco-friendly cure for the devastating blast disease to safeguard economically important rice crops.

Interested research aspirants with CSIR/UGC NET and besides having own fellowship such as MANF, DST-INSPIRE, etc may send their CVs and research interest to to work in my laboratory.


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