Tender Reference Number: Instruments/PU/SBT/UGC/AB/2021/3   Date: 13.07.2021

Sealed quotations are invited from the Enlisted Vendors of the University to quote their lowest possible rate for the supply of the under-mentioned goods/articles, subject to the following terms and conditions.

The quotations must be submitted to Dr. Avishek Banik, School of Biotechnology, Presidency University, Canal Bank Road, DG Block, Action Area 1D, Newtown, Kolkata-700156, West Bengal, India.

Last date & time for submission of quotation is 20/07/2021 up to 3:30 P.M.

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Should be ideal for microbiological work along with bio-assays, sterility testing and research work, vial filling and bunging operations in parental units and for general dry-processing works. Designed for optimum scavenging efficiency, especially of heavier low-level airborne particulates, resulting in improved and progressively clean working area. The design of the cabinet provides a comfortable sit-down position for the operators.


Flow : Horizontal

Particle : 0.3 Micron and above

Retention Efficiency : 99.97%

Velocity : 90 FPM

Motor : 1⁄4 HP, 1440 RPM, 220 V

Impeller : Aluminium centrifugal type

Noise Level : Less than 65 db [A] +/- 5%

Working Area - 2’ x 2’ x 2’

HEPA Dimension - 2’ x 2’ x 0-6



Basic Cabinet: Water Proof ply with exteriors by industrial lamination; interiors by synthetic rubber paint.

Door & Side Covers: Made from perplex sheet. Door can be lifted hydraulically and rested at a convenient height at the time of operation.

HEPA Filter : Ultra-fine glass fiber paper deeply folded and separated with fine

Aluminum foils, casing by mild steel enamel coated sheet. Unique Properties of

these filters are : to resist mildew, to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth, to withstand corrosive fumes and vapors.

Pressure Drop ~23 mm WG.

Pre Filter: Non-Woven synthetic polyester fiber with fine HDPE mesh reinforced on both sides in enamel coated casing. Specially treated with anti-fungal and bacterial agents to inhibit growth of

microorganisms. Washable with water and reusable.

Air Handling Unit: By 1/4th HP, 220 V, 1440 RPM Motor, both shafts directly fitted withAluminium centrifugal type impeller.

Protective Grills : Made from synthetic netting, specially selected with a minimum open area of 70% .

Illumination: By Fluorescent tubes.

U.V. Germicidal Tube: Provided 1 no. Imported U-V Tube.


1 Static Pressure Manometer,

2 U.V. Germicidal Tube,

3 Transparent Perplex Front Door and side Panels

4 Cock for Gas, Air Line

5 Stainless Steel Work Table.



Note: a) The sealed cover should be duly superscripted with the enquiry no & date and name of the item quoted in block letter.

b) Party is requested to keep in touch in Dr. Avishek Banik (avishek.dbs@preseuniv.ac.in), Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology, Presidency University before quoting the rate for better knowledge of specification, quality of material, etc.

c) Warranty must be mentioned in your offer for all the above items.

d) Please make sure to mention unit price and cumulative price for all items that should be inclusive of all taxes, duties and other charges as stated in point no.3 below.

Finance Officer

Terms & conditions of the Quotation:-

1. The bidder must be GST-Registered (photocopy of the GST Registration Certificate to be provided along with the quotation). Quotations of the unregistered dealers would be summarily rejected.

2. The quotations should be made by the vendors in their original letterheads clearly indicating the aforesaid goods/articles in details.

3. Price quoted should be inclusive of GST, installation, commissioning and delivery charges up to Presidency University.

4. Rate and amount of GST for each item is to be specified in the quotation.

5. DSIR Certificate would be provided to the L-1 Vendor against Proforma Invoice, if necessary, for the purpose of exemption of Customs duty / GST as per the extant Rules and Notifications.

6. Payment shall be made after successful delivery and installation of the product at the site as specified in the Purchase Order and on submission of the bill and other necessary papers duly certified by the competent authority, Presidency University. No advance payment will be made.

7. The above Rate Format is to be strictly followed. In case a bidder is unable to quote the rate against any item, the rate should remain blank for the respective Serial No. But in no case the row against the said Serial No. should be deleted by the Bidder.

8. Validity of the quotation will be at least 3(three) months from the closing date of the enquiry.

9. Sample must be attached with quotation in all possible cases.

10. Our enquiry no and date & Purchase order no. and date must be quoted on all correspondences and those should be duly signed and seal.

11. Bidders must as far as possible, arrange to supply the materials within the stipulated time mentioned in the purchase order. This delivery time must be strictly adhered to. Failure to supply within the specified time will lead to cancellation of the order without notice.

12. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason thereto.

13. In all cases of disputes, the decision of the University shall be final & binding on you.

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