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Enquiry Notice No: -- PU/BOOKS/DK/2016-17


Sealed quotations are invited from the Enlisted Vendors of the University to quote their lowest possible rate for the supply of the under-mentioned goods/articles, subject to the following terms and conditions. The quotations must be addressed to Dr. Deepa Khakha, Department of History, Main Building, Ground Floor of the University.

Last date & time for submission of quotation is 27-02-2017 up to 3:30 P.M.

Articles in details:-

Sl. No Name of the Author Title Publisher Qty
1 Neeru Misra (ed.) Sufis and Sufism Manohar 1
2 Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui Authority and Kingship under the Sultans of Delhi Manohar 1
3 Iqtiar Alam Khan India’s Polity in the Age of Akbar Permanent Black 1
4 K. A. Nizami Religion and Politics in India During the Thirteenth Century Oxford University Press 1
5 Shahabuddin Iraqi (ed.) Medieval India 2: Essays in Medieval Indian History and Culture Manohar 1
6 M. Ishaq Khan Kashmir’s Transition to Islam Manohar 1
7 Richard Eaton The Rise of Islam and Bengal Frontiers Oxford University Press 1
8 Michael Mann South Asia’s Modern History: Thematic Perspective Routledge 1
9 Aniruddha Ray Towns and Cities of Medieval India Manohar 1
10 Francoise ‘Nalini’ Delvoye Confluence of Cultures Manohar 1
11 Upinder Singh & Parul Pandya Dhar (ed) Asian Encounters: Exploring Connected Histories Oxford University Press 1
12 B. L. Bhadani (ed.) Medieval India 3: Researches in History of India Manohar 1
13 Kamal K. Misra & N. K. Das Dissent, Discrimination and Dispossession: Tribal Movements in Contemporary India Manohar 1
14 Balkrishan Shivram Jagirdars in Mughal Empire during the Reign of Akbar Manohar 1
15 Om Prakash Bullion for Goods Manohar 1
16 Herman Kulke & Dietmar Rothermund A History of India (fourth edition) Routledge 1
17 K A Nizami Royalty in Medieval India Munshiram Manoharlal 1
18 Irfan Habib (ed) India-Studies in the History of an Idea Munsiram Manoharlal 1
19 U. N. Day The Government of the Sultanate Munshiram Manoharlal 1
20 Kishori Saran Lal History of the Khaljis Munshiram Manoharlal 1
21 Marc Bloch Feudal Society: 1 Routledge 1
22 Marc Bloch Feudal Society: 2 Routledge 1
23 Sanjay Garg The Sikka and the Raj Manohar 1
24 Mohammad Habib Studies in Medieval Indian Polity and Culture Oxford University Press 1
25 Basanta Kumar Mallik Paradigms of Dissent and Protest Social Movements in Eastern India (c. AD 1400-1700) Manohar 1
26 H. C. Verma Dynamics of Urban Life in Pre-Mughal India Munshiram Manoharlal 1
27 Francesca Orsini (ed) Love in South Asia: A Cultural History Cambridge University Press 1
28 D.N. Jha & Eugenia Vanina Mind over Matter: Essays on Mentalities in Medieval India Tulika Books 1
29 Upinder Singh A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India Pearson 1
30 Sanjay Subrahmanyam Explorations in Connected History OUP 1
31 Upinder Singh Rethinking early Medieval India Oxford 1
32 B. D. Chattopadhyay The Making of Early Medieval India Oxford 1
33 Bipan Chandra Essays on Colonialism Orient Blackswan 1
34 Philippa Levine and John Marriott (ed) The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Imperial Histories Ashgate 1

Note: a) The sealed cover should be duly superscribed with the enquiry no & date and name of the item quoted in block letter.

b) Party is requested to keep in touch with theDr. Deepa Khakha, Department of History of Presidency University ( before quoting the rate for collection of the approved sketch, better knowledge of specification, quality of material, etc.

Finance Officer

Terms & conditions of the Quotation:-

1. The quotations should be made by the vendors in their original letterheads clearly indicating the aforesaid goods/articles in details and the Enquiry No. & date.

2. Price quoted should be inclusive of installation, commissioning and delivery charges up to Presidency University.

3. Tax (VAT/CST/Service Tax), if applicable, shall be payable extra. Rate of sale Tax (VAT/CST) is to be specified in the quotation.

4. Validity of the quotation will be 3(three) months from the closing date of the enquiry.

5. Sample must be attached with quotation in all possible cases.

6. Our enquiry no. and date & Purchase order no. and date must be quoted on all correspondences and those should be duly signed and seal.

7. Quotationers must, as far as possible, arrange to supply the materials within the stipulated time mentioned in the purchase order. This delivery time must be strictly adhered to. Failure to supply within the specified time will lead to cancellation of the order without notice.

8. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason thereto.

9. In all cases of disputes, the decision of the University shall be final & binding on you.

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