National Symposium on “Molecules to Systems”

Department of Biological Sciences, Presidency University

Date: 29th -31st January, 2015
Venue: Derozio Hall, Presidency University

Sponsored By : DBT-BUILDER Program

Complementary disciplines and diverse perspectives best approach modern biological sciences, preferably “integrative biology”. While none can deny the importance of studying classical biological sciences disciplines that deal with most elaborate details of specific systems; today, integrative biology is perhaps more meaningful that spans across biological hierarchy. Presidency University Dept. of Biological Sciences (DBS) program itself is a perfect example of integrative biology, where six pre-existing departments (albeit three of them were century-old) have been merged to address complex issues of biology. At this juncture of time, DBS, generously supported by DBT BUILDER, presents first national symposium entitled “Molecules to Systems”. This symposium will focus on the integration of structure and function that influences all levels of organization in biology, from molecules to systems. Given the diverse research expertise of eminent speakers from India, the following session themes have been identified:

  • Diversity and dynamics of molecules and system
  • Basic and Translational Oncology- from Bench to Bedside
  • The Balance of Nature: system stability
  • Structural Biology & Bioinformatics of molecules and systems
  • Mechanisms and targets in disease biology
  • Functional insights of microbial systems
  • From Molecules to system

This three-day symposium will feature keynote talks in plenary sessions and poster presentations. DBS earnestly looks forward to the participation of scientists, scholars and students not only from eastern part but from all over India.

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