Kuntal Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Primarily my role in the department is to teach and nurture students for learning Mathematics. I have been fortunate to have worked within and outside India by choosing a career in Mathematics. I am happy to inspire young minds to pursue Mathematics for their life and higher studies. Apart from classroom teaching I am willing to work with my students on various mathematical topics. I encourage my students to take part in different mathematical activities like attending seminars, participating in summer programmes, workshops and trainings outside the formal university education. I have supervised internal and external students on various reading projects during summer and winter breaks. I take part in the departmental outreach activity regularly and I have interacted with the students from different institutions who have attended our outreach programmes.

Broadly my area of research is Complex Dynamics and Dynamical Systems. I am trying to continue my research apart from my teaching duties. For this I travel to various places to attend academic meetings or collaborate on a reasearch topic.


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West Bengal, India

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