Supriya Pan

Assistant Professor

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I am working as an Assistant Professor in this department since August 08, 2018. My broad research area is cosmology where I am trying to understand the actual reason behind the "Late-time accelerating expansion of the universe" by analyzing the dark energy (in the context of Einstein's general theory of relativity) and/or alternative gravity theories. I investigate these theories and models using different observational data available from various astronomical sources. Apart from dark energy and modified gravity theories, I am also interested in other topics of cosmology, namely, the inflation (the early acceleration of the universe) and alternative cosmic theories which can explain the late cosmic acceleration without any need of dark energy and/or modified gravity theories. Recently, I have started using the mock gravitational data for analyzing various cosmological theories and models in order to understand how gravitational waves data could be useful to constrain the parameter space of any cosmological theory.  


Presidency University,
86/1 College Street, Kolkata - 700073,
West Bengal, India

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