Tender No: Diff. Equipment/18-19/FRPDF/Physics/1   Dated:05.02.2019

Limited Tender for supply of Different Laboratory Equipment under FRPDF for Physics Department at Presidency University, Kolkata.

Sealed quotations are invited from the reputed, bonafide and resourceful vendors / agencies for “Supply of Different Laboratory Equipment under FRPDF for Physics Department at Presidency University, Kolkata” subject to the following terms and conditions. The quotations must be submitted to Tender Box placed at the Finance Office, Presidency University, 86/1 College Street, Kolkata 700073, INDIA.

Last date & time for submission of quotation is 14-02-2019 up to 3.00 P.M.

Date & time for opening of quotation is 14-02-2019 at 3.30 P.M.

Consignment in details:

Sl No



Approximate Quantity


Apparatus for the Measurement of Susceptibility of Solids by Gouy’s Method, GMX-02 (with EMU-75T & DPS-50)

The set-up should consist of following units:

(i) Digital Balance, CA-44

(ii) Al Samples and Glass Tube for powder samples

(iii) Multipurpose Stand

(iv) GMX-02 Trolley

(v) Electromagnet, Model EMU-75T

(vi) Constant Current Power Supply, DPS-175M

(vii) Digital Gaussmeter, DGM-202

(v) Electromagnet, Model EMU-50T

(vi) Constant Current Power Supply, DPS-50

SES Instruments



Dielectric Measurement Setup, DEC-600 (Suitable for temperature upto 600ºC, including highly stable PID Controller and Capacitance meter 1pF to 20,000mF)

SES Instruments



Spare Single mode optical fiber, Model : ED-F-02-SMOF (NA:0.11) for HO-ED-F-02 (3 m)


01 set


Spare Multi mode fiber, Model ED-F-02-MMOF (NA:0.5) for HO-ED-F-02 (One set contains 5 m)


a) 250 microns

01 set

b) 750 microns

01 set


(i) Spare Piezo electric crystals (Model : ED-A-01-PEC)

a) 3Mhz

b) 5Mhz


01 set

(ii) Spare Crystal mount with glass tank (Float) (Model : ED-A-01-GT & ED-A-01-GMCH)

01 set

(iii) Spare RF Oscillator, Model : ED-A-01-RFO (2-6 Mhz) for HO-ED-A-01

01 set


Filters (Model : ED-INT-10A-CF) for Fabry Perot interferometer ED-INT-10A


01 set

a) Green filter

b) Blue filter


Red laser for Fabry Perot interferometer (Model : ED-INT-10A-DLPR)




Detector (Model : PS-D-LK) for measurement of laser power




Study of Modulation & Demodulation with Built-in Carrier Frequency (Solid State), Model : MD-01

SES Instruments


Note: a) The sealed cover should be duly super scribed with the enquiry no & date and name of the item quoted in block letter.

b) Party is requested to keep in touch with Prof. Barun Raychaudhuri, Department of Physics, Presidency University , 86/1 College Street, Kolkata 700073 , Presidency University before quoting the rate for better knowledge of specification, quality and urgency of the material, etc.

c) Warranty period must be mentioned in the quotation for all the items.

d) Please make sure to mention unit price for the item that should be inclusive of all taxes, duties and other charges as stated in point no.3 below.

e) Rate and amount of GST for the item is to be specified in the quotation.

Finance Officer

Terms & conditions of the Quotation:-

1. The bidder must be GST-Registered (photocopy of the GST Registration Certificate to be provided along with the quotation). Quotations of the unregistered dealers would be summarily rejected.

2. The quotations should be made by the vendors in their original letterheads clearly indicating the aforesaid goods/articles in details.

3. Price quoted should be inclusive of GST, installation, commissioning and delivery charges up to Presidency University.

4. Rate and amount of GST for each item is to be specified in the quotation.

5. DSIR Certificate would be provided to the L-1 Vendor against Proforma Invoice, if necessary, for the purpose of exemption of Customs duty / GST as per the extant Rules and Notifications.

6. The above Rate Format is to be strictly followed. In case a bidder is unable to quote the rate against any item, the rate should remain blank for the respective Serial No. But in no case the row against the said Serial No. should be deleted by the Bidder.

7. Validity of the quotation will be at least 3(three) months from the closing date of the enquiry.

8. Our enquiry no and date & Purchase order no. and date must be quoted on all correspondences and those should be duly signed and seal.

9. Bidders must arrange to supply the materials within the stipulated time mentioned in the purchase order. This delivery time must be strictly adhered to. Failure to supply within the specified time will lead to cancellation of the order without notice.

10. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason thereto.

11. EMD: Interest free Earnest Money Deposit (refundable) of Rs.5000.00 (Five Thousand) only. The Tenderers shall deposit EMD in the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favour of Presidency University, payable at Kolkata. The EMD shall be refundable in the case of the unsuccessful bidders. However, the EMD shall be released to the successful bidder after fulfilment of the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order. No interest is payable on such refund of the EMD. EMD shall be forfeited if the selected vendor accepts the supply order but is unable to execute the same.

12. Tender without earnest money in proper form will be rejected.

13. In all cases of disputes, the decision of the University shall be final & binding on you.

By order


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