Tender Notice No:DST-Lab. Equipment/ Physics/ Presi (R)/21-22   Date: 09/02/2022

Sealed quotations are invited from the enlisted Vendors of the University to quote their lowest possible rate for the supply of the under-mentioned goods/articles, subject to the following terms and conditions. The quotations must be submitted to Prof. Arunava Chakraborty, Head of the Department, Physics, Presidency University.

Last date & time for submission of quotation is 16/02/2022 up to 5.00 P.M.

Consignment in details:-

Sl No





P-E Hysteresis set-up for

Ferroelectric Hysteresis Measurement & Analysis ;Polarisation-Field (P-E loops) measurements for Piezoelectric Ceramics [Lead ZirconateTitanate] Determination of Spontaneous polarization(Ps) Determination of Remnant Polarization(Pr) Determination of Coercive Field(Ec)&Susceptibility[χ] Study of temperature effect on P-E Loop forYV5 [Barium Titanate ceramics co-doped with lanthanum and cerium] with Temperature variation attachment [HOT(up to 600 C) & COLD up to 20 C]

ACC: C.R.O[OS5020, Metravi ]

C.R.O[OS5020, Metravi ]

or, equivalent



Resistivity of Semiconductors by Four

Probe Method at Different Temperatures

and Determination of the Band-gap,

DFP-03 (Advance Model) Make: SES

Complete in all respect.


or, equivalent



Lattice dynamics experimental set up.



or, equivalent



Measurement of Planck’s constant using black body radiation andphoto-detector;

To study of temperature dependence of spectral distribution ofblack body radiation using photo-detector, non-ideal behavior of Ph.Cell by measuring quantum efficiency, to determine the temperature of artificial star.- band gap energy of the material of the photo cell is determined.

Complete with variable regulated power supply (0-12V, 2A),voltmeter micro ammeter, ammeter,, photo cell, Filament bulb and mini optical bench, light intensity meter,5 nos optical filters

etc make: REL


or, equivalent



To determine the wavelength of H-alpha emission line ofHydrogen atom;Determination of Rydberg’s constant by studying ydrogen/Heliumspectrum.(Determination of the wavelength of H-alpha emission lineof Hydrogen atom).

Make: REL [Spectrometer Make INCO , type 4232,EHT sourcefor discharge tube, make: SES, Discharge tube helium, Hydrogen,

Discharge tube stand, Prism(EFD) R:I =1.65 (32 x 32 mm),Grating 15000 LPI /7500 LPI (imported type).


or, equivalent

INCO (spectrometer),

Discharge tube SES



To show the tunneling effect in tunnel diode using

I-V characteristics;Characteristics of tunnel diode,modeLBS3T.Experimental Board should be self

sufficient, i.e., no other apparatus required.

Regulated, short circuit-proof and continuously variable voltage power supply suitable to

the experimental board is built-in. Digital voltmeter and digitalcurrent meter of suitable range should be provided on the panel for themeasurement of voltage and current of the circuit. A complete working manual, completed with the theory, circuit details and operating procedure should be supplied along with the experimental board.


or, equivalent


Note: a) The sealed cover should be duly superscribed with the enquiry no & date and name of the item quoted in block letter.

b) Party is requested to keep in touch with Prof. Arunava Chakrabarti, Department of Physics, Presidency University before quoting the rate for better knowledge of specification, quality of material, etc.

c) Warranty: 1 year at side from the date of installation.

d) Please make sure to mention unit price and cumulative price for all items that should be inclusive of all taxes, duties and other charges as stated in point no.3 below.

Finance Officer

Terms & conditions of the Quotation:-

1. The bidder must be GST-Registered (photocopy of the GST Registration Certificate to be provided along with the quotation). Quotations of the unregistered dealers would be summarily rejected.

2. The quotations should be made by the vendors in their original letter heads clearly indicating the aforesaid goods/articles in details.

3. Price quoted should be inclusive of GST, installation, commissioning and delivery charges up to Presidency University.

4. Rate and amount of GST for each item is to be specified in the quotation.

5. DSIR Certificate would be provided to the L-1 Vendor against Proforma Invoice, if necessary, for the purpose of exemption of Customs duty / GST as per the extant Rules and Notifications.

6. Payment shall be made after successful delivery and installation of the product at the site as specified in the Purchase Order and on submission of the bill and other necessary papers duly certified by the competent authority, Presidency University. No advance payment will be made.

7. The above Rate Format is to be strictly followed. In case a bidder is unable to quote the rate against any item, the rate should remain blank for the respective Serial No. But in no case the row against the said Serial No. should be deleted by the Bidder.

8. Validity of the quotation will be at least 3(three) months from the closing date of the enquiry.

9. Sample must be attached with quotation in all possible cases.

10. Our enquiry no and date & Purchase order no. and date must be quoted on all correspondences and those should be duly signed and seal.

11. Bidders must as far as possible, arrange to supply the materials within the stipulated time mentioned in the purchase order. This delivery time must be strictly adhered to. Failure to supply within the specified time will lead to cancellation of the order without notice.

12. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason thereto.

13. In all cases of disputes, the decision of the University shall be final & binding on you.

14. Tender specific Manufacturer Authorization Certificate should be provided with the quotation.

15. The bidder must submit scanned copies of the following documents:

a. Certificate of Incorporation (in case of company) / partnership deed (in case of firm), etc.

b. Valid trade license

c. Copy of the PAN Certificate

d. Certificate of Authorized Dealership from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, where ever applicable.

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