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Sealed quotations are invited from the Enlisted Vendors of the University to quote their lowest possible rate for the supply of the under-mentioned goods/articles, subject to the following terms and conditions. The quotations must be submitted Dr. Antara Ray of Department of_Sociology__of the University.

Last date & time for submission of quotation is …6th March 2018……(Date) … up to 3.30 P.M.

Consignment in details:- Book List


Handbook of Indian sociology


The past & present


Globalization & its discontents


Sabaltern studies 12-muslims dalits & fabrications of history


The Partha Chatterjee Omnibus


Padagogy of the oppresseds


The art of not being goverened


Ants among the elephants


The burning forest:India's war in Bastar

The Antonio Gramsci reader


Justice Nature & geography of difference


Caste in contmporary India


Contested hierarchies persisting influence


Studies in Indian Sociology on the margins


Understanding Indian Society: past & present


I am Dalit How Are You?


Democracy Against Development


Growing Up Untouchable In India


Religion & Modernity In India


Outcast Labour In Asia


Who Needs Migrant Workers ?


Theories Of The Gift In South Asia


The Tribal Culture Of India


Bhakti In Current Research, 2001 - 2003

Selva J. Raj

South Asian Christian Diaspora

Hammersley & Atkinson

Ethnography: Principles in Practice (3rd edition)

Uberoi, Sunder, Deshpande

Anthropology in the East

Mytheli Sreenivas

Wives, Widows and Concubines

Meena Savaala

Middle Class Moralities

Felix Padel

Sacrificing people:Invasions of a Tribal Landscape

Felix Padel & Samarendra Das

Out of this Earth

Karin M. Polit

Women of Honour: Gender and gency among Dalit Women in

the central Himalayas

Charu Gupta

Gendering Colonial India: Reforms, Print, Caste and Communalism

Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Decolonization in South Asia: Meanings of Freedom in Post-

independence West Bengal, 1947–52

Indra Munshi

The Adivasi Question: Issues of Land, Forest and Livelihood

Tina Uys & Sujata Patel

Exclusion, Social Capital and Citizenship: Contested Transitions in

South Africa and India

Ruchira Ganguly

Global Issues, Local Contexts: The Rabi Das of West Bengal

K.L.Sharma & Renuka Singh

Dual Identity: Indian Diaspora and Other Essays

A.M. Shah

The Writings of A. M. Shah: The Household and Family in India

Ravinder Kaur &R. Palriwala

Marrying in South Asia: Shifting Concepts, Changing Practices in

a Globalising World

R. S. Rawat K. Satyanarayana

Dalit Studies

Sumit Guha

Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia

Subas Mohapatra

Society and Culture in India: A Reader

Clarinda Still

Dalit Women – Honour and Patriarchy in South India

Kate Crehan

Gramsci’s Common Sense: Inequality and Its Narratives

Sharit Bhowmik

Industry Labour and Society

I. Ahmed & S.B. Upadhyay

Dalit Assertion in Society, Literature and History

Janardhan & S.K. Bhowmik

Industrial Relations in India

Srimati Basu

The Trouble with marriage

N. Jayaram (ed)

Ideas, Institutions, Processes: Essays in memory of Satish Saberwal

T.K. Oommen

Social Inclusion in Independent India

Jandhyala B.G. Tilak

Higher Education in India

Smitha Radhakrishnan

Appropriately Indian

Hoare & Smith

Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci

S.L.Sharma & T.K.Oommen

Nation and National Identity in South Asia

W. Terrence Gordon

Saussure for beginners

Jim Powell

Derrida for Beginners

Lydia Alix Fillingham

Foucault for Beginners

Tanika Sarkar

Rebels, Wives, Saints

Chitra Joshi

Lost worlds: Indian Labour and its forgotten Histories

Shalini Grover

Marriage, Love, Caste & Kinship Support

Gorringe, Jeffery, Waghmore

From the Margins to the Mainstream

Abhijit Dasgupta

On the Margins: Tribes, Castes and other Social Categories

Susan Visvanathan

Culture and Society

Channa & Mencher

Life as aDalit

Abhijit Dasgupta

Minorities and the State


Social Postmodernism


Political Secularism, Religion, and the State


Schooling and Society


Reconstructing Sociology

Poston, Jr

Population and Society


Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms


Note: a) The sealed cover should be duly superscribed with the enquiry no & date and name of the item quoted in block letter.

b) Party is requested to keep in touch with Name of the Concerned Teacher & Department , Presidency University before quoting the rate for better knowledge of specification, quality of material, etc.

c) Warranty must be mentioned in your offer for all the above items.

d) Please make sure to mention unit price and cumulative price for all items that should be inclusive of all taxes, duties and other charges as stated in point no.3 below.

e) Rate and amount of GST for each item is to be specified in the quotation.

Finance Officer

Terms & conditions of the Quotation:-

1. The bidder must be GST-Registered (photocopy of the GST Registration Certificate to be provided along with the quotation). Quotations of the unregistered dealers would be summarily rejected.

2. The quotations should be made by the vendors in their original letterheads clearly indicating the aforesaid goods/articles in details.

3. Price quoted should be inclusive of GST, installation, commissioning and delivery charges up to Presidency University.

4. Rate and amount of GST for each item is to be specified in the quotation.

5. Validity of the quotation will be at least 3(three) months from the closing date of the enquiry.

6. Sample must be attached with quotation in all possible cases.

7. Our enquiry no and date & Purchase order no. and date must be quoted on all correspondences and those should be duly signed and seal.

8. Bidders must as far as possible, arrange to supply the materials within the stipulated time mentioned in the purchase order. This delivery time must be strictly adhered to. Failure to supply within the specified time will lead to cancellation of the order without notice.

9. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason thereto.

10. In all cases of disputes, the decision of the University shall be final & binding on you.

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